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Healing For Performers

Manual therapy treatments for professional artists on tour

On-site healing, full time or part time coverage for a production or artist

Rehearsals - Concert tours - Musicals - Promotional tours


✪ Mission ✪

Help performing artists to heal, unwind and decompress between shows, rehearsals and traveling.

As performers push their bodies everyday on tour, added to traveling and little sleep, manual therapy is a great way to prevent and heal injuries, keeping healthy bodies and peaceful minds in the long run.

✪ Multi-faceted Approach ✪


Craniosacral Therapy

Myo -fascia release

Cupping Therapy


Corrective Taping

Corrective Exercises

Backstage Injury Prevention 

Vocal Massage

& More

Aim & treatment


 Jessica Bonzon, Osteopath D.O(F), DOMP, started Osteopathy On Tours in Paris (France) to provide vocal and physical care to artists on tour.


A few years later, Jessica is now based in Toronto (Canada) and has joined multiple productions, helping singers, dancers, and musical theatre performers from all over the world.


In addition to her role of health professional on tours, Jessica can also undertake production coordinator and personal assisting responsibilities. 


Who are we?


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