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Jessica Bonzon

Osteopath D.O(F), DOMP

and founder of Osteopathy on Tours®

10 years experience

Osteopathy Treatments for all ages

Holistic Manual Therapy for touring artists

A little about me


" Holistic health and music are my passions.

Understanding that every musical gesture is a physical act, I decided to put my keen interest and expertise in the human body's form and function, and in alternative healthcare, to the service of professional artists.

Over the years, being able to alternate between my activity in clinic and on tour has been a blessing.

I am very lucky to be professionaly involved in this fascinating universe that is rehearsals, backstages and concerts. "


IDO Osteopathy School - 2014 (Paris, France)


Kinesiology Taping - 2015 (Paris, France)

Concepts in Posturology - 2015 (PPI, Paris, France)

Treatment of tendonitis with dimensional Osteopathy - 2017 (CFPCO, Paris, France)

Voice Disorders - 2017 (Icahn School of Medicine, USA)

Cupping Therapy - 2018 (CFPCO, Paris, France)

Treatment of musculoskeletal disorders with Acupuncture - 2018 (CFPCO, Paris, France)

Treatment of sciatica/ cruralgia with functional Osteopathy - 2018 (CFPCO, Paris, France)

Backstage Injury Prevention and Management -2019 (Neuro Tour, Boston, USA)

Vocal treatment - 2019 (Neuro Tour, Boston, USA)

Evaluation and Management of Temporomandibular (TM) Disorders - 2019 (Toronto, Canada)

Migraines & TMJ- 2020 (Toronto, Canada)

Dealing with Bruxism - 2021 (Paris, France)

Osteopathic treatment of the Temporomandibular Joint & Headaches (OMT, 2021)


French - Native speaker

English - Proficient speaker

Spanish - Intermediate


Jessica BONZON

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